Finding my stride

Posted: December 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I miss it.

In the days when I was a Blogger aficionado, I owned the domain that utilized my full name. I foolishly let it expire, and it has since been picked up by a cheesy real estate marketer with palm trees in his page header. Maybe that’s the bitter part of me talking, but who am I to claim the legitimacy of my name? I’m not the only Paul Matson in the world. And apparently not the only one who wants to blog. So, more power to you Mr. Palm Trees. I promise this is the last time I take a dig at your efforts.

Anyway, I’m not setting any expectations for myself on this little blog project. I have the fascination of a two year-old when it comes to the Internet and it’s possibilities, so the topics of my posts are more than likely to steer in that direction. But that’s obviously not all I care about. And definitely not all I ever want to talk about. So why limit myself? I might even get a little personal sometimes. I’m human too, so I might as well act like it.

So to whoever reads this – welcome. Whether or not we’ve met, I could care less. I’ve got something to share, and I hope you do too.